About Us

 The International Music Licensing Contest exists to help you, the Indie  Musician, achieve
 your goals in the field of Music  Licensing. 

 Launching in the fall of  2012, in collaboration with Aaron  Davison, founder of  HowToLicenseYourMusic.com, 
 (and only for subscribers of  HowToLicenseYourMusic.com),
 this contest will directly connect  you with Industry Pro's and will  increase your chances of
 achieving success.   

 This is not a glitzy-glam boutique contest with lots of exclamation points. This is a real-life service, founded by Hollywood    Producer/Engineer/Music Supervisor Gary Gray, who worked his way up the ladder the same way you are
 doing it - with persistence and sweat, never letting go of a dream to share his music with the world -- while helping others do  the same.